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It is without a doubt that the nuclear standoff with Iran has become one of the most heavily covered subjects in the news. The word 'Iran' was mentioned in almost 100,000 news Web pages in the past 30 days alone. brings you a glimpse of the editorial and opinion articles that had been published on the matter in major publications in the West and the Arab world.

The United States

The New York Times: Iran's Best Friend The Washington Post: Thinking outside the Iran box The Washington Times: The Iranian threat The Los Angeles Times: A credible threat The Wall Street Journal: Bush and Iran Chicago Tribune: Answering Ahmadinejad The Herlad Tribune: Islam vs. Islam

The United Kingdom

The Times: Focus: Gunning for Iran The Observer: If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it's a bluff worth calling The Daily Telegraph: Who to believe?

Arab World

Al-Ahram: (Egypt) Is Iran next? Middle East Times (Egypt) Iran and US: Nuclear standoff or realpolitik? Dar Al-Hayat: (Lebanon) No deal with Iran, rather a good offer to accept a truce Arab News: (Saudi Arabia) Diplomatic Naivety Al Sharq Al Awsat (London-based Arab daily) Ahmadinejad surprises Arab revolutionaries