Int'l support for Iran sanctions down

BBC poll: Most people think Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium; little support for military action.

Worldwide support for strong international action against Iran because of its uranium enrichment program has dropped over the past year and a half, according to a BBC study. There has been a marked decline in the number of people who favor sanctions or military action against the Islamic Republic over its unwillingness to heed the UN and the international community and stop enriching uranium, the BBC found. Most of the 30,000 people who were polled said Iran should be allowed to produce nuclear fuel if it did so under UN supervision. Support for military action against Teheran has declined in more than half of the countries that participated in the study, including in states whose populations had shown support for such a step in the past. In 14 of 21 countries polled in a similar study in 2006, more than 35 percent of respondents supported strong action against Iran. In 2008, the number of countries showing more than 35% support for military action dropped to nine. Over 40% of those polled in Middle Eastern countries favored diplomacy as the best way to resolve the conflict. In Britain, support for strong action against Iran dropped to 34%, down from 43% in 2006, and a similar decline was registered in Australia and Germany. All in all, only 9% of those surveyed support a military operation against the Islamic Republic. The United States and South Korea were the only countries in which public support for further action against Iran increased.