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Adventures of Mr. Behi - 28-year-old Iranian man tries to shed light on his society ddmmyyyy - Brit with Iranian roots moves to Iran to explore his heritage Inside Iran - Young Teheran local shares the view from Iran's capital Iranian Teacher XP - A teacher in Iran blogs about the difficulties and hypocrisies inherent in local politics and society Masoud Behnoud - Prominent Iranian journalist and writer comments on current events and offers suggestions Mohammad Ali Abtahi - Iranian politician uses personal blog to advocate democracy while retaining tradition Planet Rodmania - Unconcerned Iranian blogs about living life and consuming technology Tehran Post - MA student blogs about politics, society and sports, hoping to change the perceptions of Iran The Biggest Step - A personal tale from a young man in Arak, Iran, discussing the pressures of adulthood Under Underground - Azad University student waxes on about the government and enjoying life View from Iran - American in Iran talks about life and politics

Blogs from outside Iran

A Glinting Glimpse from Above the Wall - Iranian woman in India reflects on life and her homeland, especially from a feminist viewpoint Editor: Myself - An Iranian transplant to Toronto blogs about Iran, technology and pop culture For a democratic secular Iran - London-based Iranian provides a platform for those struggling against the Islamic clerics in Iran Free Thoughts on Iran - An Iranian living away from home reflecting on perceptions on Iran and its politics Kamangir (Archer) - Iranian student in Canada examines his homeland from a new vantage point Nik's Kicks - Quotes, comments and cartoons on Iran from Canadian-Iranian The Spirit of Man - Canada-based, pro-America, pro-Israel Iranian seeks democratic regime change in Iran To Write or Not to Write - Iranian student in France comments on his life, reflects on his homeland Webgardian - Blogging from Belgium on Iranian blogs, politics, art, media daily life White Balloon - Iranian-American student still adjusting to life in the US while maintaining cultural ties