'Iran may lash out at Israel'

Obama's national security adviser: Teheran may use Hamas, Hizbullah as proxies.

james jones 248 88 ap (photo credit: )
james jones 248 88 ap
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US President Barack Obama'snational security adviser on Friday cited a heightened risk that Iran will respondto growing pressure over its nuclear program by stoking violence against .

The adviser, retired Marine Gen.James Jones, said history shows that when regimes are feeling pressure they canlash out through surrogates.

He said that in Iran's case that would mean facilitating attacks on through Hizbullah in and Hamas in . helps arm both terrorist groups.

Jones also alluded to the prospectof additional international sanctions being applied to as onefactor in making feel greaterpressure.

He said another factor is internalpressure — an apparent reference to street protests against the Iranianleadership over the disputed presidential election June 12.