Iran official: World silent on PM nuclear remark

It is shameful for the world to turn a blind eye to an apparent Israeli admission that it has nuclear weapons, a senior Iranian official said Friday. "This week the prime minister of Israel has announced that they are possessing nuclear weapons ... and now you see the officials, the governments of the whole world, the Europeans, are not talking, they're silent," said Ali Ashgar Soltanieh, the chief Iranian representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency. "This is very shameful. Very, very shameful." To make his point, Soltanieh recalled how on the final day of an IAEA meeting in September, the United States and Europeans - including France, Germany and Britain - blocked a vote on a resolution labeling Israel's nuclear capabilities a threat. "What the hell they are doing? They even stopped and opposed a resolution that it is a concern of (the) international community that Israel has a nuclear capability," Soltanieh said during a question and answer session at a public event sponsored by the Austrian Institute for International Affairs.