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Readers provide links to all kinds of Iran resources. Newest featured site: National Council of Resistance of Iran.

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website 88
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580,000,000. That's the number of Web pages that mention the word 'Iran,' according to Google. When it comes to news pages, Iran was mentioned in nearly 97,000 pages in the past 30 days alone.
The Web offers endless content about Iran and the nuclear standoff between its leaders and the international community.
We, at, are seeking to create an in-depth, interesting and eye-opening resource about Iran, using all that's out there.
If you have come across content that you believe would interest other readers, please send it to us with a short description on what we are about to read and an accurate url link. This can include photo elements and podcasts.

  • National Council of Resistance of Iran
    Info from the Iranian opposition's parliament-in-exile (the National Council of Resistance of Iran). This is the group that revealed the Iranian nuclear and missile programs. This is a real, moderate, egalitarian Muslim group of anti-fundamentalists that want to overthrow the mullahs and establish a secular democracy.
  • Beheshtieh Teheran graveyard
    Photos of a Jewish cemetery in Teheran. Each gravesite is photographed separately and arranged alphabetically, enabling users to find specific tombstones.
  • Regime Change Iran
    One of the most interesting blogs about Iran.
    It publishes daily news about the country.A must for someone who wants to stay informed.
    Peter PaulPortugal
  • Teheran Jewish Community website
    The Jewish community in Iran hosts news, pictures, and a Q & A, in both English and Farsi.
  • Kol David
    The Iranian Broadcast Authority has launched a Web site in Hebrew, which of course is intended for Israeli eyes; much of the content is taken from Israeli news websites.
  • Iran Focus
    My understanding is that they are the ones who broke the Nantaz uranium enrichment story. I believe it's run by Iranian dissidents and/or expatriates. It has very informative content, some from outside sources but much of it original reporting from inside Iran. Some of the stories may make your jaw drop. I highly recommend it.
    David Joshua RudermanWiesbaden, Germany
  • Say no to Iran
    I felt the best way I could communicate my thoughts on this issue was with a small Flash movie that I made. Provided by Aaron, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Jewish +/-irani Weblog
    Khosh Amadid! Welcome to the Jewish +/-irani Weblog. The aspiration for this site is to share Torah-based ideas with our beautiful community without judgment or provocation, and to provide anecdotal commentary as food for thought and soul.
    The blogger seeks no publicity, and therefore prefers to stay anonymous. All effort will be made to observe the laws of proper speech; "Lashon Hara" in Hebrew. Read on, enjoy, and please stay in touch.