Miliband: We don't want to get to Israeli strike

British FM says UK "100 percent focused" on diplomatic solution on Iran; says situation "very dangerous."

david miliband 224.88 (photo credit: )
david miliband 224.88
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The UK does not want to get to the point of an Israeli strike on Iran and is focused on a diplomatic solution to the nuclear crisis, British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said Thursday. Asked during an interview to BBC radio whether the UK would support an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, Miliband said: "We don't want to get there…we are 100 percent focused on the diplomatic track." "It's a diplomatic resolution that must be found to this issue. It's massively in everybody's interest," he said. "This is a very, very dangerous situation," he added. "It's one that can be resolved by diplomacy but the costs of the Iranian course need to be made very, very clear."