Missing Iranian scientist found in US

Shahram Amiri reportedly seeks refuge at Pakistani embassy.

Iran test 311 (photo credit: Associated Press)
Iran test 311
(photo credit: Associated Press)
A missing Iranian nuclear scientist that Teheran claims was kidnapped by the CIA has sought refuge in the Pakistani embassy in Washington, according to an Iranian state radio report cited by Reuters.
"A few hours ago Shahram Amiri took refuge at Iran's interest section at the Pakistan embassy in Washington, wanting to return to Iran immediately," Reuters quoted the radio station as saying.
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Amiri went missing a year ago whilst on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. His disappearance preceded the revelation of a second uranium enrichment facility that Iran has been building near the city of Qom, raising speculation that Amiri may have given the West information on it or other parts of the nuclear program.
Last month, three videos were posted online, claiming to feature Amiri talking about his situation and whereabouts. The videos contained conflicting information and it was unclear whether any of them were genuine. The third video was aired on Iranian state television, but its authenticity was not independetly verified.
US officials have consistently denied any involvement in Amiri's disappearance, and according to AFP called the allegations "ludicrous."