Musician-turned-policy adviser Eno: It's rational for Iran to want nukes

Britain's No. 3 political party has turned to avant-garde musician Brian Eno to make their policies sound as good as the albums he produced for U2, David Bowie and Talking Heads. But he caused a stir Thursday in his first interview since being appointed as an adviser to the Liberal Democrats last week by suggesting the US and other nuclear powers had given Iran a reason to develop nuclear weapons. "One by one the non-nuclear countries are moving towards nuclear arsenals, seeking the mythical status and security that we can't give up," Eno, a disarmament campaigner, told British Broadcasting Corp. radio. "As for Iran, the newest scary monster, well that country is surrounded by 11 states with American forces in them and America has already claimed the right to attack pre-emptively as it did in Iraq," he said. "We've left Iran really with only one rational option."