'Sarkozy: Israel may act against Iran'

Al Hayat: French president told Lebanese PM Israel "would not stand by" as Iran develops nuclear arms.

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sarkozy uncle sam wants YOU 248 88
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French President Nicolas Sarkozy assessed that Israel "would not stand by while Iran develops nuclear weapons," Al Hayat quoted sources close to the French leader on Saturday.

"Israelimight take action to prevent the Iranian regime, which wants to wipe itoff the map of the world, from obtaining a nuclear bomb," Sarkozyreportedly explained to visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saed Hariri.

According to Saturday's report in the London-based Arab daily,Sarkozy told Hariri that France had proof that Teheran was working todevelop a nuclear bomb.

The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the report.

Inrelated news, Sarkozy called Friday for harsh sanctions against theIslamic Republic to pressure Teheran to enter negotiations over itsnuclear program.

"France wants the [UN Security] Council to adopt strongmeasures and for the European Union as well to assume itsresponsibilities," Reuters quoted Sarkozy as telling diplomats based inFrance.

"Despite all our efforts,and a new engagement by the United States, and despite our ambitiousproposals for cooperation, the Iranian authorities are blocked in aone-way street of proliferation and radicalism," the French presidentreportedly asserted.