Sponsors expect vote on new sanctions against Iran on Saturday

Britain and France said they expect the Security Council to vote Saturday and approve new UN sanctions against Iran for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment. The two countries co-sponsored the resolution that would impose a third round of sanctions on Iran. The two previous sanctions resolutions were adopted unanimously, but this one is currently facing difficulties from four non-permanent council members who have raised a variety of concerns - Libya, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam. Britain's UN Ambassador John Sawers said the resolution would have been adopted if it was put to a vote on Thursday. It is supported by the five veto-wielding council members - the US, Russia, China, Britain and France - and has more than the nine "yes" votes needed in the 15-member council for adoption. But Sawers said "we want to have as much support as is possible," so France and Britain are holding up putting the resolution in the final form for a vote until Friday "to go the extra mile" and get the countries with concerns on board.