US envoy urges Iran to be responsible for peace

The main US envoy to the Muslim world urged Iran on Friday to fulfill its obligations to international security and seek a peaceful resolution to the standoff over its nuclear program. Sada Cumber, the US liaison to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, voiced hopes that Washington would be able to work with Tehran and other Middle East governments "to make sure there is peace and stability in the region" once the nuclear dispute is settled. "The United States is committed toward securing a diplomatic resolution with Iran on the nuclear issue," Cumber told a news conference during a visit to Malaysia. "We want Iran to play a responsible role in the region." Cumber, who was appointed by US President George W. Bush in February as a special envoy to the 57-nation Islamic organization, said the US also hopes to see better understanding and respect between the West and Muslim countries. "There is not a clash of civilizations, but it's a clash of ignorance ... that all sides need to work on," Cumber said.