US, Israel: Iran among 'greatest challenges' to stability

Joint statement: Iran's continued noncompliance with int'l atomic obligations, continued support for terrorist entities, of grave concern.

The US and Israel issued a joint statement from Washington on Monday evening saying Iran’s nuclear program and its continued support for terrorist entities are “of grave concern to our two countries and the entire international community.”
The statement came at the end of the biannual US-Israel strategic dialogue. In a rare announcement of what is discussed in these meetings, the statement said that while the strategic dialogue covered many subjects, “it is clear that Iran is among the greatest challenges we face today in the Middle East.”
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“Continued efforts by the international community to address Iran’s actions through both pressure and engagement are critical to changing Iran’s strategic calculus and preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability,” the statement read.
The Israeli team to the talks was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, while US Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg led the American delegation. Ayalon went to Washington for the talks directly from China, where getting the Chinese to fully implement sanctions against Iran was high on the agenda.
The joint statement defined the strategic dialogue as “an opportunity for both the United States and Israel to discuss at a senior level a variety of issues, our respective perspectives, and evaluate their policy implications for both our countries.”
The statement said the US and Israel “reemphasized their commitment to the pursuit of lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and between Israel and all of its neighbors.”
The next meeting will be held in Jerusalem in the spring.