US sanctions Iranian Defense Industries

Administration okayed to freeze any US-based assets belonging to the company.

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The US State Department imposed sanctions Friday against an Iranian entity that it says has been involved in the development of Iran's nuclear and missile programs. The action, directed against Iran's Defense Industries Organization, authorizes the administration to freeze any US-based assets it possesses. A department statement noted that a UN Security Council resolution requires UN Member States to prevent support for Iran's nuclear and missile programs. The resolution "specifically requires states to freeze the assets of named entities and individuals associated with Iran's nuclear and missile programs," it said. The Security Council has approved resolutions "intended to pressure the Iranian regime to comply with its international nuclear obligations," the statement said. It did not say whether the DIO has assets in the United States. It added that the DIO has been sanctioned previously under US legislation aimed at deterring missile activities by foreign governments. DIO also has been identified by the International Atomic Energy Agency as being involved in centrifuge component production for Iran's nuclear program, the statement said.