Netanyahu bids farewell to beloved family dog

Kaiya, a rescue dog, was given a second chance at life by the Netanyahu family.

Conan O'Brien plays with Kaiya while meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu (IsraeliPM/Youtube)
The Netanyahu family dog, Kaiya, passed away this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in an emotional Facebook post on Monday.
"Our beloved Kaiya is gone," the post began. Netanyahu then described the events of the past few days that led to her death:
"Two months ago, Kaiya collapsed after a herniated disc in her neck paralyzed her. She underwent two serious surgeries to try to get her back on her feet. After hydrotherapy treatments and oxygen therapy proved unsuccessful, two days ago all of us - my wife Sara, Yair, and Avner - came to say goodbye to her."
Netanyahu also used the opportunity to call upon "all who can" to adopt elderly animals. "Give them a home and a [chance at] life," he wrote, "and you will get so much warmth and love from them."
Kaiya was adopted by the Netanyahu family as a rescue dog when she was ten years old.
"Kaiya was part of our family," Netanyahu concluded. "How great is our grief at her leaving us. We will always remember her."
A proper member of the Netanyahu family in every sense of the word, Kaiya, too, did not live a life devoid of public scandal.
In July 2017, Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's son, was caught neglecting to pick up Kaiya's waste while taking her for a walk in the neighborhood.
In December 2015, Kaiya bit two Likud Knesset members, Sharren Haskel and Tzipi Hotovely, during a Hannuka candle-lighting ceremony.