Netflix's hit show 'Fauda' becomes most watched show in Lebanon

In season four's plot of "Fauda", the undercover operatives went into action in both Belgium and Lebanon.

 Lior Raz and Lucy Ayoub of 'Fauda.' (photo credit: Elia Spinopolos/Yes)
Lior Raz and Lucy Ayoub of 'Fauda.'
(photo credit: Elia Spinopolos/Yes)

The fourth season of Fauda premiered last Friday on Netflix all over the world, after it was already broadcasted on YES a few months ago and immediately became a huge hit in many countries.

The successful Israeli series was at first place in the Netflix viewing charts in Lebanon (where a large part of the fourth season plot took place), the United Arab Emirates, Romania, the Czech Republic and Greece.

It was second place in the viewing charts in India and Italy.=, Poland and the Netherlands and third place in France and Kenya. It was in fifth place in Turkey, tenth place in Brazil and ninth place in Saudi Arabia. It was also in the top ten most watched list in Belgium - in which a significant part of its plot took place.

What happened in the fourth season?

In the fourth season of the successful series, the undercover operatives go to work in a number of destinations outside of Israel's borders, between Belgium and Lebanon. Following the previous season, Doron is faced with a lot of guilt for his teammate's death and feels anger and frustration due to his removal from the unit.

According to a review done by Walla! that was written after the first episode was broadcasted, "the transition from the crowded streets of the Jenin refugee camp to the green streets of Brussels highlights Fauda's clean approach to the conflict. The European elements constitute a bureaucratic obstacle between the Israeli security forces and the terrorists. You can't act freely in Belgium without the High Court and without B'Tselem.

Fauda is to be broadcast in Farsi (credit: COURTESY/YES/MANOTO)
Fauda is to be broadcast in Farsi (credit: COURTESY/YES/MANOTO)

"It will be interesting to see how far this storyline will develop and whether this sting towards European innocence will be strengthened later in the season - and how the international audience that regularly supports Fauda relate to this angle."

It turns out, the international audience connected and welcomed it with open arms.