Israeli band of children with disabilities premieres viral medley

The band, whose 8 members all have a disability, has made waves on the internet.

Shalva Band performs a cover of Matisyahu's One Day
A mashup of the popular Matisyahu song ''One Day'' by a band of performers with disabilities has taken the internet by storm. 
Israeli-based Shalva Band covered the hit, along with songs from the film Frozen and other pop hits, in their newest video, which has quickly gained thousands of views across social media. The group, which has performed around the world and within Israel with some of the country's most renowned musical icons, like Eyal Golan and Shlomi Shabat, has given Israelis with disabilities a new creative outlet. 
The eight members of the band have a range of disabilities, from blindness to autism. Despite these setbacks, however, the band has made waves. One of its vocalists, Dina Samte, was chosen to lit a torch at the official Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzl this year. Previously, she was selected to perform in front of thousands of people at the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC in 2015. 
Based out of the Shalva National Center in Jerusalem, the band is at the forefront of cultural inclusion in Israel. It originated from the center's musical therapy program, in which over 500 children now regularly participate. 
Shai Ben-Shushan, the director of the band - who himself went through the musical therapy program after an injury sustained while serving in the IDF - applauded the reception of the band and its music. ''The band members are regarded as talented, professional musicians - standing together with other musicians out there.''