Lifting art in the capital up – the 11’th edition of Manofim begins

This fall’s exhibition season opens in Jerusalem with a flurry of activity, including music shows, performances and artist talks.

From 'Trick'an untitled work by Tamir Tadok  (photo credit: Courtesy)
From 'Trick'an untitled work by Tamir Tadok
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The fall’s exhibition season kicked off in Jerusalem on Tuesday with the 11’th annual edition of Manofim. The comprehensive art festival which encompasses art, original music, performances, and guest talks by local and international artists is curated by Lihi Shulov and Rinat Edelstein.
The central exhibition is ‘Nurse, Nurse’, situated in the historic Bikur Cholim Hospital. The group exhibition explores the calling to be healed and the various difficulties it must confront. Among the artists invited to show their work in this exhibition are Nelly Agassi, Gideon Gechtman, Yuri Kuper and the Testube Group.
The exhibition is coupled with special guided tours of the hospital, which opened in the 19’th century, led by Nir Otral. The exhibition is open until December 27th.
The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute will host a series of discussions about the subject of tricks. The range of topics includes tricks to get over censorship, hacking, and the power that art at times possesses in politics or finance as a sort of trick. The panels include Lithuanian artist Akvile Anglickaite and artistic hackers from Switzerland !Mediengruppe Bitnik.
Music lovers will be able to enjoy several shows across the capital with ‘The Mixer.’ Performances will take place at Ticho House, Meir Davidov Garage and the Jerusalem Cinematheque and includes musicians Assaf Talmudi, the Ethiopian soul music of AvevA and pianist Uriel Herman.
The closing event of the festival this year is ‘Pairings,’ where several artists selected ending scenes from the history of the cinema and tweaked them in original ways, that event will be held on Saturday.
Food and its wider implications are also featured in the festival with guest speakers Haryo Hutomo, who will set up a pop-up restaurant-lab focusing on the global aspect of food consumption and production, and Irene Agrivina Widayningrum who will set up her own lab-kitchen to explore how people use food to express their identity.
Manofim includes several family oriented activities and worships as well as mini-cranes, a chance to engage the artists involved with it in a one-on-one conversation.
More information on the 11’th edition of Manofim can be found