2 border policemen arrested for violent robbery of Sudanese refugee

2 border policemen arres

Two border policemen were arrested on Wednesday by the Justice Ministry's Police Investigations Department (PID) on suspicion of robbing and beating a Sudanese refugee in Eilat on Sunday. The two suspects are army conscripts who are carrying out their service in the Border Police. They allegedly used the pretext of a document check to bring the Sudanese national to an isolated spot in the mountains overlooking the Red Sea resort, before beating him and stealing NIS 700 in cash. The man was then abandoned, a PID investigation found. He made his way to an Eilat police station and filed a complaint. PID investigators said one of the two suspects was found to possess the Sudanese man's entrance visa, as well as NIS 300 in cash. The alleged offenses were strongly condemned by Border Police chief Cmdr. Yisrael Yitzhak. During a meeting with Border Police brass on Thursday, Yitzhak vowed full cooperation with all PID efforts to weed out rotten apples "who drag the name of entire force through the mud, a force which works day and night for the security of the country and its citizens in the struggle against terrorism and crime."