3 Arabs arrested in sec. guard murder

Baka al-Gharbiya man turns himself in; Katy David found dead Sunday in Hadera.

Three Arabs have been arrested in connection with the murder of a female security guard whose body was found in a grove of trees not far from the police station in Hadera on Sunday. The suspects are all residents of Baka al-Gharbiya. One of them, who was reported to have had a relationship with the 27-year-old woman, surrendered himself to the police on Tuesday through the auspices of his lawyer. Another resident of Baka al-Gharbiya was subsequently arrested in connection with the murder. The third suspect is believed to have tried to cover up evidence. Ch.-Supt. Moshe Weizman, spokesman for the Coastal District, said that police were investigating two possible motives in connection with the murder - criminal or nationalistic. "We have certainly not ruled out the nationalistic motive, despite the fact that one of the suspects surrendered himself," Weizman told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday night. According to details of the inquiry, the security guard worked as a "selector" at a night club and was not armed. It is believed that she was brought to the scene because of her connection with one of the suspects, although it is still not clear if this was done by force or persuasion. Police said the young woman had been severely beaten and there were also signs that she had been stabbed in several parts of her body. Weizman stressed that inquiries were still in the initial stages. In a separate incident, police arrested three residents of Shfaram in connection with the murder of a local young woman whose body was found near Ibillin, north of Haifa, on Sunday. Forensic examinations revealed that the woman, 23, had been murdered and police believe that it was a so-called family honor killing.