3 Kassams fired at western Negev

No injuries or damage reported; earlier two soldiers wounded in Jenin.

idf humvee 88 (photo credit: )
idf humvee 88
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Two Nahal Brigade soldiers and an armed Palestinian fugitive were wounded in separate gun battles in Jenin early Wednesday. In a predawn operation to nab Fatah Tanzim fugitives, soldiers surrounded a house in the city where one of the fugitives was believed to be hiding. An armed Palestinian opened fire at the soldiers as he attempted to flee from the house, and moderately wounded one of them. Soldiers returned fire and wounded the Palestinian, who it transpired was the fugitive they had intended to arrest. Elsewhere in the city, Palestinian gunmen opened fire at soldiers moving down an alleyway, lightly wounding one of them. The two wounded soldiers and the Palestinian fugitive were later sent to Afula's Ha'emek Hospital. After receiving treatment, the Palestinian fugitive was handed over to the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) for questioning. The army said that during the Jenin operation, soldiers discovered 10 pipe bombs ready for use. Later in the day, soldiers operating in Kalil, south of Nablus, arrested Fatah fugitive Ahmed Mazel Kani. During the operation two bombs were detonated near soldiers who also came under Palestinian gunfire. Palestinians threw stones at security forces preparing to leave the village, forcing soldiers to fire tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the stonethrowers. No one was wounded in the clashes. In the afternoon, security forces confiscated two Kalashnikov rifles and an ammunition clip in Bani Naim, east of Hebron. In predawn raids in West Bank villages and towns, security forces arrested 12 Palestinian fugitives affiliated with the Islamic Jihad and Fatah Tanzim. Four Islamic Jihad fugitives were arrested in villages north of Tulkarm, and three Islamic Jihad fugitives were arrested in Tsurif, southwest of Bethlehem. A Fatah Tanzim fugitive was arrested in Ramallah and in Yata, south of Hebron, security forces arrested a weapons dealer. In Hebron itself, soldiers arrested one Palestinian suspected of terror activities. Shots were fired harmlessly several times at IDF posts located near the northern and southern Gaza security fence. On Wednesday night, three Kassam rockets were fired at the western Negev from northern Gaza, triggering the Red Dawn early warning system set up in areas bordering the Gaza security fence. No one was wounded and no damage reported. According to the army, three explosions were detected in the Zikkim area, but security forces have yet to locate the exact sites.