3 Palestinians jailed for deadly robbery

Victim suffocated after break-in; Israeli accomplice sentenced to 8 yrs.

jail cell 88 (photo credit: )
jail cell 88
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Three Palestinians convicted of killing a man during an armed robbery in October 2005 were sentenced Monday to 23-26 years each in prison. The three, Sasam Atzatzana, Salama Abu Rid, and Fadi Maashal, all residents of the Gaza Strip, were initially charged with the murder of Avraham David. The charges against them were later downgraded to manslaughter, to which all three confessed. Merav Tzitzkin, a 21-year-old Israeli who worked for David as a call girl, was sentenced to eight years behind bars for aiding and abetting the robbers. Tzitzkin had given the three Palestinians the key to David's Tel Aviv apartment. They used it to enter the premises, where they bound and gagged David, tied towels around his head, and beat him severely. After the robbery, the men left David in the apartment in serious condition. He later suffocated to death. Atzatzana was sentenced to 26 years, Salama to 24 and Mashaal to 23.