A decade-long history of terror in Netanya

The city of Netanya has witnessed a long series of terror attacks over the past decade. The following is a timeline of the more serious of those attacks:
  • July 12, 2005, Hasharon Mall Three killed, 70 wounded Suicide bomber, 18-year-old Ahmed Sami Abu Halil from Atil near Tulkarm, Islamic Jihad
  • March 30, 2003, London Cafe 66 wounded Planned by Abed Allaltif Khader Madawi, Islamic Jihad
  • Pessah 2002, Netanya Park Hotel 29 killed, 159 wounded Suicide bomber, bomb prepared by Hamas master bomber Muhaned Taher.
  • May 19, 2002, Netanya market Three killed, 50 wounded Suicide bomber, attack directed by PFLP head Ahmed Sa'adat.
  • March 9, 2002, Rehov Gad Machness Three killed, 50 wounded Two Aksa Martys Brigades terrorists with automatic rifles hurled grenades into a hotel lobby and shot at passersby.
  • November 11, 2001, Moshav Kfar Hess, east of Netanya One killed, 2 wounded Shooting, Palestinian terrorist left behind note saying it was a revenge attack.
  • September 9, 2001, Beit Lid junction, Route 4 near Netanya 13 wounded Suicide car bomber, Islamic Jihad
  • May 30, 2001, near ORT school Eight people suffered from shock and hearing impairment Car bomb, Islamic Jihad
  • May 18, 2001, Hasharon Mall Five killed, over 100 wounded Mahmoud Ahmed Marmash, Hamas
  • April 29, 2001, near Bank Hapoalim, Kiryat Nordau Damage to surrounding buildings A bomb planted by a six-member Fatah military cell.
  • March 4, 2001, downtown 3 killed, 60 wounded Suicide bomber, during rush hour
  • January 1, 2001, near junction of Herzl and Dizengoff 34 wounded Car bomb, Hamas, planned by Nazih Abu Sabaa, commander of Izzadin Kassam in Jenin
  • November 7, 2000 34 wounded A terrorist bomb
  • January 22, 1995, Beit Lid intersection near Netanya 22 killed and 60 wounded Two suicide bombers, Islamic Jihad