A sweet new year – for animals too

Israel's SPCA's Rosh Hashana drive includes kittens from Tel Aviv and a mongrel with a broken leg.

Cat 311 (photo credit: The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals i)
Cat 311
(photo credit: The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals i)
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Israel has launched a Rosh Hashana adoption drive for animals that have been recently rescued and are waiting for homes.
The animals include a small kitten trapped in a wooden stump on a school yard in north Tel Aviv. Pupils who heard the kitten’s distress calls found the animal and contacted the society, which arranged for its rescue.
The two-month-old kitten has since fully recovered, is “very friendly” and looking for a warm home, society spokeswoman Ruth Rubinstein said.
A second kitten was recently found hiding on railway tracks at the Hashalom train station in Tel Aviv. Israel Railways temporarily halted train traffic to allow for the kitten to be rescued by a Society volunteer, to the applause of passengers on the platform.
The three-month-old kitten is described as being very friendly.
The society also has a mongrel with a broken leg who had been abandoned by its owner and was found wondering the streets of Tel Aviv.
After being taken in by the society, a vet said the leg could not be repaired through surgery.
“We then contacted a world-famous orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Yonanat Sheni, who examined the dog and said the leg could be healed, but only through a highly expensive surgery. The Society paid the cost of the surgery,” Rubinstein said.
The surgery has been delayed temporarily, as the dog is suffering from a blood-clotting defect, which is being treated.
The society has asked members of the public interested in adopting these or other animals to contact it at 052- 226-2967 or 1599-502-005.