Acct. -Gen. rejects Katsav's demands for Audi A6 car

Katsav to be given stripped down benefits, in rented office chosen by State and rented for a short time.

Former president Moshe Katsav will not receive an office in the Azrieli high-rise complex nor will he receive a luxurious Audi A6 car, the Finance Ministry's Accountant-General Shuki Oren decided Wednesday. The ministry also wishes to limit the validity of agreements which would give Katsav his lawful retirement perks, fearing he might be convicted on felonies involving moral turpitude. Instead, Katsav will get benefits which are a much stripped down version of what he originally demanded. Oren briefed the general manager of Beit Hanassi, Moshe Mizrahi, regarding the limitations he imposed on the former president's retirement plan. On Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General Menahem Mazuz said he did not approve Katsav's benefits since this was not in his jurisdiction. Regarding Katsav's request for an office, the Government's Housing Authority will act to find an office for Katsav within the pool of properties in the authority's archive, or through short-term rental. Katsav's demand to receive an office in the Azrieli complex was exaggerated, sources in the Finance Ministry said. Oren also rejected Katsav's request to be given an office with a long-term lease. He wrote to Beit Hanassi that "the benefits given to Katsav should be limited to short time-frames so that they can be withdrawn within a short notice." Oren's instruction aims to enable the State to discontinue Katsav's benefits immediately in case he is convicted on felonies involving moral turpitude.