Agriculture Ministry rescues 9 horses

Undernourished animals kept in abusive conditions at Eilat farm.

abused horses 311 (photo credit: Naphtali Dadon / Agriculture Ministry)
abused horses 311
(photo credit: Naphtali Dadon / Agriculture Ministry)
A joint crew of Agriculture Ministry personnel, policemen and firefighters rescued nine abused horses from a farm near Eilat over the weekend, according to an Agriculture Ministry statement released Sunday.
The horses had apparently been kept in devastating conditions, in a rundown barn with
protruding iron bars that caused them injuries. They were found without food or water, and their gaunt and underweight appearance gave an impression of severe neglect.
The authorities were alerted to the situation after locals complained about the harsh conditions in which horses were kept on the farm. According to the locals, the horses were not being cared for at all. Upon conducting an inspection at the site, the Agriculture Ministry concluded that the animals were suffering greatly.
During the ministry's visit to the farm, the inspectors asked the owner to fix the barns and treat the animals' injuries with a veterinarian's help. She was also asked to supply the horses with water and nourishment.
Two weeks later, the farm owner's neighbors continued to complain thatthe horses were being maltreated. The authorities decided to evacuatethe horses from the farm and rehabilitate them.
When they reached the farm, however, the owner would not let them takethe horses away. Instead, she tried to set the farm ablaze with crudeoil while carrying three gas canisters.
The horses were eventually rescued with ambulances and fire trucks standing by.
The farm owner was known to police for past  incidents of animal abuse and unruly conduct.