Air pollution much higher in south TA than north

Air pollution levels are three times higher in southern Tel Aviv than in northern Tel Aviv, according to an environmental hazards public health survey performed by the southern Tel Aviv and Jaffa green forum to be released Monday. Survey findings also show that for every park in southern Tel Aviv there are three in northern Tel Aviv, that there are five schools exposed to dangerous emissions in the area and that in southern Tel Aviv noise pollution is 50% higher than permitted levels. The survey will be released Monday at the southern Tel Aviv - Jaffa green forum inaugural conference will take place. Over 30 Arab and Jewish representatives of neighborhood committees and resident groups from southern Tel Aviv and Jaffa are members of the forum. SPNI leads the forum with the aid of the Abraham Fund Initiatives. The forum's aim is to unite residents and lead the efforts to improve southern Tel Aviv and Jaffa's appearance, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv - Jaffa municipality, and to implement a defined work plan that will improve the quality of life in the city's southern neighborhoods.