Aksa claims Hebron shooting attack

Israeli entered Area B village to conduct business with a local man; Aksa says it was a trap.

A 30-year-old Israeli was moderately to seriously wounded and a Palestinian killed Wednesday evening in a shooting attack in the West Bank village of Idna, near Hebron. Earlier reports had indicated that the shooting was not terror-related, and that the man had been caught in the cross-fire when members of two local clans clashed. However, it later appeared that the man, who had entered the Area B village to conduct business with a local man, had in fact been targeted. Israel Radio reported that the Israeli was sitting in his car with Muhammad Nufal, 40, when terrorists opened fire at them from a passing car. Nufal was killed, but the Israeli, who sustained a wound to his stomach, drove himself to the nearby Tarkumiya checkpoint. Volunteers from Hazolah Judea Samaria evacuated him to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. Some two hours after the incident, the Fatah-affiliated Aksa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility for the shooting. The Palestinian news agency Ma'an said the Aksa Brigades issued a statement in which it said that the "business deal" had been a trap. The report was unconfirmed by security officials.