American doctors fund Sderot shelters

The American Physicians Fellowship (AFP), which has been bringing US doctors to Israel for emergency and trauma medicine courses so they could fill in for Israeli counterparts in an emergency, has established The Sderot Fund to build bomb shelters for residents of the city and others under Palestinian rocket attacks. APF President Dr. Norton Greenberger and Vice President Dr. Michael Frogel announced the effort this week. In November, the 34 physicians brought over for the last emergency preparedness course went to Sderot and experienced a close encounter with a Kassam rocket, which landed just half an hour before their arrival. The delegation met with local medical, social work and psychological professionals who volunteer to care for the city's 20,000 residents. After what they saw, the voluntary organization ( funded and erected its first Sderot shelter on February 4. "Many more are needed, in addition to the medical, economic and psychosocial programs required," said Greenberger and Frogel.