American oleh indicted for raping sister

Suspect allegedly sexually abused 15-year-old "scores of times" since 2001.

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A 25-year-old American immigrant was indicted Tuesday in a Jerusalem court for allegedly raping and sexually abusing his younger sister dozens of times over a three-year period, police said. The suspect, who cannot be named by court order, allegedly raped and otherwise molested his 15-year-old sister in Jerusalem "scores of times" from the time she was nine, the charge sheet says. The rapes, sexual and physical abuse began in 2001 in their Jerusalem home - where the suspect lived with his mother and another brother - and continued through 2004, the chilling three-page indictment reads. After the first rape, the girl's brother ordered his sister to keep the incident a secret and urged her not to tell anyone, the charge sheet says. In another attack, the suspect, who had moved out of their home, called his sister and invited her to go on a walk in Jerusalem's Geula neighborhood, according to the indictment. During their outing, the suspect led his sister into a washroom in an office building in the area, and, after telling her to undress, raped her on the floor of a large toilet stall earmarked for the handicapped, the charge sheet states. In a third attack listed in the indictment, the suspect raped his sister in her home shortly after she celebrated her bat mitzvah in 2004. Two years ago, the girl was removed from her home after the abuse case came to light, and is still undergoing therapy. The suspect's mother has also been questioned by police, and is facing possible charges for failing to report the rapes, the police said.