Amos Kollek: 'J'lem was everything to my father.'

In an interview with Israel Radio on Tuesday, Amos Kollek, Teddy Kollek's son, said his father was a devoted man and had always taken care of his family: "He was loyal both to his work and to his family. He was a very busy man… but we always celebrated holidays and events together, even up until his last few weeks." Kollek said that his father didn't initially have a specific will to be the mayor of Jerusalem, and did so only at the request of then prime minister David Ben Gurion. When Jerusalem was united, however, he realized the historic importance of it, and that he must take responsibility. Kollek said his father "thought only about what was needed to be done [for the city], and not what it would do for him in return, unlike some politicians today." He added that "he dedicated all his strength to his work. He had a vision of the country, and Jerusalem was everything to him." Kollek said his father was very disappointed after he lost to Ehud Olmert in the 1993 municipal race. Kollek emphasized, however, that his father said that there was despite his age at the time, 80 years of age, there was no way that he could give up the chance to be mayor of Jerusalem again.