Anti-fence protest held as usual

Organizers undeterred by national concern over prime minister's health.

bilin protest 298.88 (photo credit: )
bilin protest 298.88
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An IDF officer was lightly wounded in a confrontation with Israeli and Palestinian activists who were holding their weekly demonstration against the construction of the security barrier through the Palestinian villages of Bil'in and Abud, Army Radio reported. Yonatan Pollack, of the Anarchists Against the Wall group, told The Jerusalem Post on Friday morning that he expected some 300 Israeli and Palestinian participants at each protest, which began at noon on Friday, despite the national tension over Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's serious medical condition. Anarchists Against the Wall organizes the anti-security barrier protests that often develop into violent confrontations between demonstrators and IDF troops securing the construction of the fence. When asked if the group had hesitated about going ahead with the protest in light of Sharon's health problems, Pollack said that any hesitation was strategic. "We knew it would be difficult to get media attention," he explained. Pollack further stated that the lack of media presence in Bil'in and Abud would "allow the army to be even more violent than usual." "Every meter [of the wall] destroys Palestinians' lives," Pollack declared, saying that protest organizers saw no reason to cease their activity because of the prime minister's condition.