Anti-gay protesters suspected in bombing

A bomb planted near a section of the security fence by Beit Shemesh Friday morning, in the area of the village of Beit Jimal, is suspected to be the work of anti-Gay Pride Parade protesters, police said. Several fliers condemning the parade, which is scheduled to take place in Jerusalem in June, were found in a vineyard near a monastery, close to where the medium-sized bomb exploded. A nearby tractor driver was lightly wounded in the blast. Jerusalem District head Cmdr. Ilan Franco ordered a special team to open an investigation into the incident. The parade was originally scheduled to take place last summer, but was canceled several times. It was first pushed off to November due to the outbreak of the Second Lebanon War in July. Then, because of to the overwhelming threat of violence from anti-gay protesters, the event was reworked into a rally that was confined to the Hebrew University's Givat Ram campus. Disturbances on the day of the rally were minimal, and security was tight. However, outrage over the issue of the parade, which caused serious rifts among city residents, has remained high, particularly in the religious community.