Atzmona evacuees receive keys to Kibbutz Shomriya

A ceremony was held on Sunday evening at Kibbutz Shomriya in the Negev as the community's veterans handed over their settlement to the Atzmona evacuees. A total of 56 settler families that have been living in mobile homes near Netivot received the keys to their new homes, and are expected to move to the kibbutz in the coming days. The kibbutz will become a religious settlement and will no longer be a part of the Kibbutz Artzi once the ex-Atzmona residents move in. The pre-military academy from Atzmona will move to the kibbutz as well. Kibbutz Shomriya was established 22 years ago, near the green line. The Sela Administration orchestrated the transfer when it became clear that the community was falling apart as secular members moved to other settlements in the area.