Baby who choked on hot dog in serious condition

A toddler aged 21 months who choked on a hot dog while eating with his mother on Wednesday is in serious condition at Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in Petah Tikva. The child underwent resuscitation and is attached to a respirator in the hospital's intensive care unit. The mother said she did not give her son a hot dog to eat, but apparently he took one from a plate on the table. Then he started to choke and turn blue, losing consciousness, the parents called Magen David Adom, who removed bits of the sausage from his trachea and rushed him to the hospital. Dr. Tommy Scheinfeld, head of the intensive care unit, said Thursday: "Eating a whole hot dog or one sliced into rings is not recommended for children under five. If given at all to toddlers, it should be sliced lengthwise. We recommended to parents to be alert at all times to keep food [and other small objects that can be swallowed] beyond young children's reach."