Bar thief gets drunk on the job

If you're one of those people who can't pass up a good bottle of booze, breaking into a bar might not be such a good idea. Shortly after the last bunch of Tel Aviv revelers called it a night early Tuesday morning, one man decided to break into the Edmond Bar on popular Rothschild Boulevard. However, it appeared that the merchandise was more appealing than the chance of making a run for it. What the burglar also apparently did not know, aside from the fact that Edmond's alarm had been triggered, was that, just like any other business, the full day's income was never kept in the cash register, but rather only some petty cash to begin the new day. Probably frustrated that his efforts had netted little cash, the thief apparently decided to drown his sorrows in alcohol. "When the security agency employees arrived, they found a man sound asleep on one of our sofas, reeking of alcohol," the bar's owner, Moshe Azarzar, told The Jerusalem Post. "He had NIS 700 in his pocket - that's all we keep in the cash register," Azarzar said. After he was awakened by the police, Azarzar added, the thief mumbled that he was "only sleeping and would now be on his way."
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