Barak: The fallen are the crown of the country

Defense Minister Ehud Barak participated in a Remembrance Day ceremony in honor of the fallen at the Kiryat Shaul military cemetery in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. "Our army continues to be a defensive wall protecting Israel from her enemies," Barak said in his address. "We still have not arrived at peace and quiet. It is still incumbent upon us to fortify this defensive wall against those who conspire against us. The fallen are the crown of the country. Israel is strong, confident and proud of her achievements on her 60th Independence Day, but she mourns the loss of her sons. "Under the stone paths around us many of my friends, commanders and subordinates are buried," he continued. "I remember each and every one of them from our first meeting until our last battle and, in the interim, the fondness that developed between us. I carry their memory with me in immeasurable and unending sadness."