Barak vows to stop Kassams

Protesters heckle defense minister during visit to Sderot; Netanyahu: Gov't inaction unacceptable.

Barak grin 224 88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
Barak grin 224 88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski [file])
Speaking at a labor faction meeting on Monday, Defense Minister Ehud Barak promised to find a solution to the continuing Kassam rocket fire plaguing communities in the western Negev. "We are working day and night with operations by land and air, and it won't take a day. Just as we found a solution on other issues, we will find a solution to the Kassams," Barak said, adding that after touring Sderot earlier in the day, he "feels the pain" of the residents. Frustrated with what they claimed was government inaction against the Kassam rockets, a number of Sderot residents confronted Barak as he toured the town. "Get out of the car and speak to us," one of the protestors yelled. "It's about time that you came down to the people to spoke with the residents, and not just the prime minister who directs you." In addition, some of the protestors attacked the defense minister for having criticized former Labor Chairman Amir Peretz, when the latter was still functioning as defense minister. "Year after year, who made Amir's life so terrible?" They asked. "What have you done [during the] five months in your job?" Criticism also came from officials, with Knesset Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu attacking the government for not acting more quickly against the threat. "It is unacceptable that Kassams are raining down on Israel, and the government is doing nothing," Netanyahu said. Chairman of the Likud faction, Gideon Sa'ar, called on Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni to hold her next meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Sderot, saying that to do so would help stop the government from becoming disconnected from reality.