Barak won't run on Labor Party's ticket

The list of Labor candidates for the upcoming election was closed Thursday, finalizing who would run on the party's ticket. Putting to rest speculation over his candidacy, Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak did not add his name to the list. At a conference after the event, Barak slammed the internal Labor electoral process. "I could not in good conscious run for a position in the Knesset under an election process that was not warranted or legitimate," said Barak. A labor party official said that it was a shame that Barak chose not to run, and that she hoped he would not voice opposition to Party Chairman Amir Peretz during the elections. "Ehud Barak is terrorizing labor as he has done all along," said a spokesman for Peretz. "We don't need his honey and we don't need his thorns. Even Barak can not stop Amir Peretz's social revolution."