Barakei: Gov't favors blood over talks

Hadash chairman slams plan to build in J'lem, says "terrorist" Israel warmongering, starving Gazans.

Barakei 248 88 (photo credit: Knesset )
Barakei 248 88
(photo credit: Knesset )
Israel's plan to build a new neighborhood near the Atarot Airport in northeastern Jerusalem reveals the government's true face as a "government of war and occupation" that is guilty of warmongering against the Palestinians and the Arab world, according to Hadash chairman MK Muhammad Barakei. Barakei, in an interview with the Palestinian Quds Press agency Wednesday, also claimed that the Olmert administration differed from its predecessors in its intention to fan the flames of war in the region by starving the Palestinian people and bringing the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to the brink of explosion. Meanwhile, Barakie said, "The government continued to unveil its plans to expand settlements in the West Bank, in Jerusalem and on the Golan Heights." This proved, he claimed, that it was "not interested in pursuing negotiations but rather in spilling blood, and dancing in the blood and destruction as it has been doing in recent days in the Gaza Strip." The MK predicted that the building was an insidious "terrorist" ploy that would "spark the next regional war." Israel, he said, had a vested interest in upholding a state of war in the region; "a war crime against humanity and future generations." Israel's treatment of Israeli Arabs is fundamentally "racist", he said, and alleged that the "Israeli occupation" was stealing Bedouin lands in the Negev. "Anyone dreaming of a transfer of Arab Israelis can dream on till his dying day, because Arab citizens will never budge an inch from their homeland and their homes," Barakei said, and appealed to "peaceable elements" within Israeli society to influence the public.