Bat Yam: 6 teenage 'Satanists' detained by police

Six youths detained for allegedly burning an Israeli flag at a Bat Yam high school on Monday told police investigators that they were members of a Satanic cult, Tel Aviv police said in a statement on Tuesday. Following calls from concerned citizens of a flag being torched students, police from the Ayalon subdistrict station arrived to Nachshonim High School on Herzog Street in the seaside city and took six youths into custody. According to police, the youths, who were reportedly between the ages of 12 to 15, claimed during questioning that they were members of a Satanic cult. They told police that during the last three months they had stolen mazuzot from the doorways of apartments in the city and burned them out of their hatred of Jews and the Jewish religion. Police said the group of youths, from both Jewish and Christian families, said they had burned the prayer scrolls, and also abused animals, in "rituals" performed at an abandoned building on the outskirts of the city. The youths were later released to house arrest for five days, police said.