Beinisch: Knesset should freeze Katsav legislation

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch hinted to the Knesset on Tuesday that it should freeze legislation against President Moshe Katsav - namely, discussion of a bill that would enable the Knesset to force the president to take a leave of absence - until the judicial branch finished its work. Addressing issue at a meeting of the Knesset's Legislative Committee, Beinisch suggested that "on sensitive topics, the judicial branch should first finish its work, and then the Knesset will be asked about these issues." In response, Likud MK Michael Eitan leveled sharp criticism at the supreme court, attacking Beinisch for the judicial activism that the court had adopted regarding Katsav. Beinisch responded angrily to Eitan's words, saying that it was inappropriate for him to raise the topic at a time when the High Court was about to discuss the petition in question.