Beinisch slams gov't for failing to eject settlers

High Court head says five illegally built structures in Beit El should have already been destroyed, settlers ejected in case filed by Yesh Din.

dorit beinisch 311 Ariel Jerozolimski (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
dorit beinisch 311 Ariel Jerozolimski
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
High Court President Dorit Beinisch criticized the state on Wednesday for failing to carry out court orders to destroy illegal structures in the West Bank.
During a High Court discussion about the destruction of five illegal structures near the West Bank settlement Beit El, that were built on Palestinian land, Beinisch attacked the government's conduct.
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"We deal with a lot of these cases. With all of the talk of state representatives about priorities, we haven't seen one case in which court orders were carried out. There is no priority because nothing gets done," said Beinisch.
The original complaint in the case was filed by the Israeli human rights group Yesh Din.
In August, rights group Yesh Din submitted a different petition to the High Court of Justice calling for an investigation into the killing of two Palestinians by the IDF in the West Bank six months ago. The petition also described military authorities as refraining from investigating soldiers involved in the death of Palestinian civilians.
Muhammad Faisal Mahmoud Qawariq and Salah Muhammad Kamal Qawariq, 19-year-old cousins, were killed while working in their families’ fields near their village of Awarta, 8 km. southeast of Nablus. According to Yesh Din, “The circumstances of the incident, in which the two teens were killed from IDF fire, raise the suspicion of a grave criminal offense. The details of the incident were not clarified, and there’s a risk they will never be clarified, as long as the military advocate-general continues to refrain from deciding on the matter.”
The incident was reported as a thwarted terrorist attack in which the two cousins dressed up as farmers and used a pitchfork and a broken glass bottle to attack border policemen.
The bodies of the two dead teens were brought to Rafidia Surgery Hospital in Nablus. According to the medical exam, Muhammad was hit by seven bullets and Salah was hit by three bullets, apparently from very close range.