Beinisch: Vested interests want to besmirch judicial system

Parties with vested interests are trying to blacken the name of the judicial system, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch said Tuesday. "Those involved in this include people seeking power and influence in the political arena, suspects who have to face the institutions of law and justice and want to weaken them, and those who stand accused or have been accused, convicted or acquitted," she said during a ceremony to swear in 18 new judges at Beit Hanassi. All these elements often sought to weaken the courts, the main institution in Israeli society that is detached from politics, she added. Beinisch accused the media of participating in these attacks. "As part of the culture that has taken over our society, the culture of 'ratings,' which seeks quick media achievements, the various kinds of media outlets, for different reasons - including political, business and economic considerations - often encourage the fight against the judicial system and the courts," she said. Beinisch said the courts would not bend before the "passing storms." Acting President Dalia Itzik, who has criticized the Supreme Court in the past, said it was permissible to criticize the judicial system, and that not every criticism should be taken as an attack on the entire system or an attempt to damage it.