'Beit Hanassi Aleph' asks court to help her hold confrontation with Katsav

'Beit Hanassi Aleph', the woman whose affair with then-president Moshe Katsav first triggered the police investigation against him, petitioned the High Court of Justice on Wednesday to instruct Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz to explain why he has not allowed the police to hold a confrontation between herself and Katsav. Aleph's attorneys stated that such a confrontation should be held as part of the follow-up investigations being conducted ahead of the filing of a new indictment against the former president. Beit Hanassi Aleph was left out of the previous version of the indictment prepared as part of the plea bargain with Katsav, due to what Mazuz called contradictions in her testimony. With a new indictment on the way following Katsav's rejection of the plea bargain, Aleph's attorneys said they believe that holding a confrontation could shed light on those contradictions, perhaps leading Mazuz to change his mind.