Ben-Eliezer: Israelis have had enough of wars and bloodshed

Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer delivered a message of peace Wednesday at a pre-Independence Day cocktail reception in Herzliya and said he was sure any future Israeli-Palestinian peace deal would be based on the two-state solution. "Since our independence, we have made every effort to reach breakthroughs and peace agreements with our neighbors and with the people of the region," he said. "Even in these times, I can promise you that the people of Israel have had enough of wars and bloodshed." Ben-Eliezer said that peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan proved that change was possible in the region and that "yesterday's enemies can be our good friends tomorrow." "I am certain that any future deal between us and the Palestinians will be based on the simple principle of two states for two peoples, one Jewish state in the land of Israel and one Palestinian state - two states living side by side in peace," he continued.