Ben-Gurion Airport strike on hold for now

Some 500 temporary workers at Ben-Gurion Airport ended their two-day strike Friday afternoon, pending a hearing to discuss their status at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem Saturday night. The court is due to decide whether the Israel Airports Authority had a right to fire 120 temporary workers and whether a request from the IAA management would take effect forcing some 500 workers at the airport back to work even though 120 of them had been told last week their employment would be discontinued. As of press time, the hearing was still in session and operations at the airport were continuing as usual. The workers, mainly baggage handlers and cleaning staff, are seeking permanent employment from the IAA, which said the cutbacks are part of a seasonal restructuring after every high tourist season. The strike caused on average five-hour delays to flights out of Tel Aviv. Some passengers departed without their luggage, and some arriving travelers had to return to the airport later to claim their luggage.