Blumenthal's driver

Avi Oski, Blumenthal's former driver and key witness against the Knesset member said Monday evening that he was satisfied with the verdict. "I am very happy that the court said that my truth was the real truth and agreed that… Blumenthal's story was false." The driver said that charges made against him by Blumenthal and co-defendant Michael Alnawa were untrue, and were made in an attempt to deflect the serious charges against them. He added that had he, as the two claimed, blackmailed Blumenthal, he would have been indicted for blackmailing a Knesset member. Oski said that the decision to go to the police and volunteer his testimony against Blumenthal was based on a feeling of personal injury and carried out as a last resort in an effort to save his family. "I was used as a tool and then abandoned. I began to abuse sleeping pills and almost lost my wife and my twins, before I realized that I was doing it for a woman to whom I was nothing, who used me and abandoned me," Oski explained. "I lay on the fence for a MK who used me to commit a crime." Oski's attorney, Shlomo Dagan, portrayed his client as a hero. "If you have truth and believe in that truth, go with it until the end. It doesn't matter if you have to take on a MK or financial pressure. The truth will win in the end."