'Border cop who committed suicide was being investigated by police'

Raad Ganem, the Border Policeman who committed suicide during a farewell ceremony held for French President Nicolas Sarkozy in June was being investigated by the Police Investigations Department at the time of his death, the Justice Ministry confirmed on Tuesday. In a statement, the ministry said Ghanem's name has been associated with an undercover investigation, but that the deceased had not been directly questioned before his death. No further details were provided. The NRG website said police believed the investigation was linked to the suicide, adding that the results of an inquiry into the death had been passed on to Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen last week. The shot discharged from the policeman's gun caused bodyguards to whisk Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Shimon Peres into separated armored vehicles, while Sarkozy and his wife fled up the stairs to the plane.