Brother and sister killed in accident

Kids' father moderately hurt as he falls asleep at the wheel, rams into truck.

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Police began thoroughly investigating on Tuesday a deadly accident that left a brother and sister dead and their father moderatley injured after the car they were riding in crashed into a truck on Arava road. The brother and sister, aged 12 and 8 respectively, were killed on Monday and their father was moderately injured in the incident. The three were French-Jewish tourists heading northward after vacationing in Eilat. According to initial reports, the father fell asleep and lost control of the vehicle, which caused it to veer from its lane and collide head-on with a truck. Other eyewitnesses, however, reported that the car was driving behind the truck, which made an abrupt stop, before the car slammed into it. One of the children was killed on the spot and the other, who was initially diagnosed as being critically injured, died shortly afterwards. The father was trapped in the vehicle and rescue services were called in from Eilat in order to extricate him. He was eventually taken to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba for further treatment. The driver of the truck was very upset after the crash and was also taken to the hospital for treatment after he fainted. Heavy traffic was reported in the vicinity of the accident and police asked that drivers use alternative routes.